Lead Your Team Into the New
Digital Economy
Leverage a fully built, battle-tested, and audited suite of products customized to your company's strategy. Start experimenting with DAOs and NFTs targeted for your non-blockchain native customers and teammates today.
Deploy Our Suite of Solutions for your Companies Strategy
We nailed onboarding unlike any other chain as your users do not need to understand seed phrases or have crypto to engage with your digital assets.
Fast Prototyping
Fast Prototyping
Engage our proficient team to embark on a journey exploring blockchain and AI to elevate your business solutions.
Stripe + Fiat
Stripe + Fiat
Connect your company's Stripe account to initiate the processing of credit card and Apple Pay transactions seamlessly.
Try Yourself and Mint a Selfie
Try Yourself and Mint a Selfie
Explore the simplicity of creating a blockchain wallet and minting an NFT through these illustrative examples.
AI Integrations
AI Integrations
Pose blockchain inquiries and facilitate transactions directly through those dialogues.
Sell your NFTs in over +135 Currencies with Credit Cards
Setup is less than 10 minutes
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Lowest Price
Sell with stablecoins
Crypto is volatile. Sell your NFTs using USDC or USDT to ensure stable prices
Earn with Affiliate Links
Monetize traffic by earning commissions when directing buyers to listings
Connect Stripe and Sell for Fiat
Complete an optional KYC and sell your tokens to a broader audience
Use Cases
Empowering Individual Tracking: Every DApp Operates with an Independent Smart Contract for Transparent Transactions.
Earn Market Fees from Your Apps or Links
On-Chain Affiliate Program
Sell any NFT on NEAR by building markets in metaverses, wallets, or pro-trading DEX's. No need to get your own listings, simply add "affiliate_id" to your buy function.
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